Our Mission

In a tumultuous time when volatility has become the norm, we at Coro believe that fair and transparent financial transactions can foster a better, more stable world where individuals thrive.

Coro leverages the power of decentralized ledger technology to give you direct control of your money anywhere in the world – regardless of the instability of the moment. Our technological solution, like gold itself, is pure and authentic. Our ethos is agility. We use advanced DLT to promote speed and security through elegant and robust code.

We inspire trust and bring peace of mind in a world of uncertainty. We encourage connection in an uncertain world. Coro breaks down barriers and opens borders to allow citizens of the world to own something real and write their own story.


Security and Compliance:


Your security is our priority.

Coro adheres to rigorous information security policies and procedures regarding customer data. Coro is an industry leader and standard setter in cybersecurity in the start-up space. It has already completed its first cyber security audit and has received its SOC 2 certificate.

Full compliance in the U.S. and globally is our focus.

Many U.S. states are in the process of regulating what they call “virtual currency". States classify companies that handle virtual currency as “money transmitters. Coro is in the process of obtaining MT licenses in all 50 states.


Our corporate headquarters are located at Brickell City Center, 78 SW 7th Street, Miami, Florida 33130 United States.

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